Friday, August 26, 2011

GLAM ROCK Rocks Around Your Wrist

Women's Miami- The Watchery Price: $560 (60% off)
The dazzling colorful lifestyle of Miami Beach inspired  Enrico Margaritelli and Isabella Maujean to create a brand new Watch company fusing Miami life,  French glamor and style and excellent quality Swiss Made Movements. The result is Glam Rock, a watch company that simply gets noticed.

One can recognize a Glam Rock Watch by its bold bezel punctuated by four screws. Glam Rock is famous for its amazing stylistic versatility.  If one tires of the bezel color or it simply clashes with an outfit, there is no need to go out and buy a new watch, simply remove the four screws situated on the bezel above and below the dial, and replace the bezel with a Glam Rock bezel in the color of your choice.  By doing this you can change the entire look of the watch. Your friends will wonder how many watches you own, and when you tell them about Glam Rock's bezel changing scheme, your friends will absolutely love the idea and want a Glam Rock Watch.

Since there are so many colors and styles to choose from, there is no worry that your friend will have the exact same watch as you - unless of course you want her too.  (friends forever - you know what I mean) . In addition, Glam Rock has introduced an exciting new click system which allows for the removal of the bezel with a quick click.  Glam Rock watches seem to have quiver with intense energy and a demand for life.  One of the most popular Glam Rock Collection is the Miami Collection, which has hundreds of vibrant colors.  To order your Glam Rock today visit THE WATCHERY for outstanding deals on a watch you will wear.

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