Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Artya Creates "Son of a Gun" for Ultimate Watch Protection Action

Watch companies go to unrepresented lengths to provide watches with ultimate protection, such as utilizing scratch resistant sapphire crystal to protect the dial, using materials such as titanium & forged steel to provide the ultimate resilience and corrosion resistance, using gaskets and screw-in case back to provide water resistance, crafting tourbillons to protect the watch from forces of gravity and utilizing alloy components and cages crafted from highly conductive materials to protect the watch movement from magnetic field.

However Artya has decided on more direct  approach to watch protection with the "Son of a Gun" timepiece.  Weapon enthusiasts will undoubtedly find this watch shooting to the top of their "must have" list.  Merging weapons and horology is a unique idea, although not so far removed as to make the entire concept astounding, after all shooting and hitting a target is all about precision and perfect timing.
  The watch bezel and dial  resemble a target with carved notches at the 12, 9, 6 and 3 'o' clock position. The dial is comprised of six 6mm bullets, which the designer connected using copper wire in a dynamite formation with more copper wire running along the skeletonized ultra sharp watch hands.  My suggestion - don't try bring this watch on a plane- you might have some explaining to do.
The dial of the "Son of a Gun" is protected by high quality sapphire crystal with a water resistance of 50 meters. A sapphire crystal case back reveals the rotor balanced by the backs of 38 mm bullets. I got to say this is one cool watch. 
If you want a unique timepiece you've always got Artya.

Friday, August 26, 2011

GLAM ROCK Rocks Around Your Wrist

Women's Miami- The Watchery Price: $560 (60% off)
The dazzling colorful lifestyle of Miami Beach inspired  Enrico Margaritelli and Isabella Maujean to create a brand new Watch company fusing Miami life,  French glamor and style and excellent quality Swiss Made Movements. The result is Glam Rock, a watch company that simply gets noticed.

One can recognize a Glam Rock Watch by its bold bezel punctuated by four screws. Glam Rock is famous for its amazing stylistic versatility.  If one tires of the bezel color or it simply clashes with an outfit, there is no need to go out and buy a new watch, simply remove the four screws situated on the bezel above and below the dial, and replace the bezel with a Glam Rock bezel in the color of your choice.  By doing this you can change the entire look of the watch. Your friends will wonder how many watches you own, and when you tell them about Glam Rock's bezel changing scheme, your friends will absolutely love the idea and want a Glam Rock Watch.

Since there are so many colors and styles to choose from, there is no worry that your friend will have the exact same watch as you - unless of course you want her too.  (friends forever - you know what I mean) . In addition, Glam Rock has introduced an exciting new click system which allows for the removal of the bezel with a quick click.  Glam Rock watches seem to have quiver with intense energy and a demand for life.  One of the most popular Glam Rock Collection is the Miami Collection, which has hundreds of vibrant colors.  To order your Glam Rock today visit THE WATCHERY for outstanding deals on a watch you will wear.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Concord C2 Chronograph. Concord's Coolest Collection Yet.

Concord, owned by Movado Group, has finally found the balance between over-the-top futuristic watches and plain boring outdated watches with its brand new new C2 collection.  Don't get me wrong, I think Concord Delirium's, Saratoga's and La Scala's  definitely had a place in the 20th century, but style's change and the world moves on.  On the flip side I think the C1 models ,such as the highly publicized Concord C1 QuantumGravity Tourbillon Watch (see inset left below), born from the new improved Concord Company was a daring adventurous leap from the super slim seriously elegant Deliriums and such. The C1's are bold rugged powerful timepieces built to impress; however, due to the large merging sub dials, the dial seems a bit cluttered and difficult to read.

C1 QuantumGravity Tourbillon
  However looking at the C2, I feel the C2 is definitely a leap in the right direction. Concord has softened the C2 making the lines slightly more fluid and shrinking the sub dials, thus increasing the readability of the dial while maintaining the bold presence of the timepiece without being too overbearing.  The use of a matt black finish adds an elegant simplicity while exuding a sense of powerful resilience.  The entire look of the 43 mm black PVD-treated stainless steel watch whispers unhindered speed and powerful precision.  An ETA 2894-2 automatic mechanical movement powers the watch.  An alluring  red-accented black vulcanized rubber strap promises extreme comfort as it is attached directly to the watch case without the use of lugs or pins.  A folding clasp crafted from black PVD-treated stainless steel securely fastens the Concord C2 to the wrist.  In addition C2 is proudly emblazoned on the case back in no uncertain terms.

Concord has balanced this watch very well. I have a feeling the C2 Chronograph will do very well. Looking forward to see this watch on the market costing $6,500 for the black PVD case and a bit under $6,000 for the stainless steel case. This watch is less expensive than its forerunner - the C1 Collection.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hublot Oceanographic 4000 for Only Watch 2011

Back in April I blogged about Hublot's Diver watch, which could accompany a diver down 4000m - if a diver could in fact dive to that depth.   In reality a diver cannot . Hublot made this watch as a symbolic gesture to push the limits of rationality and endurance.  One thing is for certain, if the Hublot Oceanographic watch is unwittingly dropped over the side of a ship, it will merrily keep on ticking ,surrounded by inquisitive fish, on the ocean floor since the Hublot Oceanographic can endure the pressure and resist water at a depth of 4000m.   Hublot spent 18 months of intense research and development to create a watch with this type of water resistance and pressure endurance.
The model depicted above is based on the original Diver's Watch and is Hublot's contribution to the Only Watch Auction 2011, to raise charity for the awareness and research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
For a watch to be presented by a company for the Only Watch Auction it must be either the first watch of a limited edition, or a completely unique model.

Hublot's Oceanographic 4000 timepiece is unique in that it is the very first watch crafted from ultra-technical carbon fiber. The watches colors - bright red with white accents- represent the colors of Monaco's flag. The signature "King Power" 48mm case and bezel is crafted from an attractive and powerful Matt Carbon Fiber.  The Matt Black dial sports bold red  indexes treated with white SuperLuminova, which enables clear dial readout in murky or dark conditions. The dial is protected by Scratch Resistant Sapphire crystal. The watch is powered with precision by HUB1401 automatic movement comprised of 180 components and 23 jewels with a 42 hour power reserve.  The red stitched alligator strap on black rubber accentuates the red on the dial and is affixed to the wrist via a black PVD titanium ardillon buckle. bright red strap complements the red on the

Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking Back at The Concept Watch with No Face

Looking very much like a time portal, the M60M has no watch dial to speak of .  All the time display is in the bezel. This awesome concept designed by Roger Kellenberger in 2007 brought the quest for an uncluttered dial to a whole new level.  I wonder what Nathan George Horwitt, creator of the Movado Museum Watch would think of that.  If you are a stickler for punctuality this watch may not be for you, since the steel and rubber M60M only displays time in full hours and full quarter of an hour.  No seconds and no minutes.  So I bet you are wondering where the movement is located.  Well there is only one place it can be located and that is in the bezel. The hour and quarter of an hour markings are fixed on the bezel and a single rotating marker indicates the time.  The watch is precise, to the quarter of an hour. The strap is also pretty cool with a unique closing system which springs open with a touch of a button.  Roger Kellenberger gave no prospective date the watch will be available for purchase, and still four years down the line the M60M still has not made its debut, maybe he is a bit ahead of time since this watch would look great with those intergalactic space suits.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iconic Watch Designer Gerald Genta has died

 Gerald Genta, iconic watch designer has died.

Although I never had the privilege to meet him, his exceptional watch designs, such as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Timepiece, became the standard to which I base timeless watch design.  In the past I have written numerous blogs about Gerald Genta, as he was one of the first watch makers whose genius caught my attention.   The Horological World will sorely miss one of the greatest watch designers of our time. I would like to extend sincere condolences to his family and friends.  May he Rest in Peace.

In his memory I present links to my Blogs about Gerald Genta and his work.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Icelandic Watch Company Pays Tribute to its Volcano

JS Watch Co. located in Reykjavik Iceland incorporates its ancient heritage into every timepiece.  Established in 2005 by four passionate watch collectors, JS Watch Co. first collection sprang to life.  The journey to create the first Icelandic Watch Company Collection was preceded by formulation of ideas, collection designs and the strive to create a watch of exceptional quality, which will become heirlooms for the next generations.  This perfection in craftsmanship, designed and assembled by hand in Iceland using only the highest quality Swiss movements and European materials,   has paid off and JS Watch Co has gained global admiration.
JS Watch Co. newest watch model pays tribute to the explosive and quite disruptive (if you recall the cloud of ash saga disrupting air travel in 2010) Eyjafjallajokull. JS Watch Co. introduces The Frisland goð Timepiece sporting a dial created using the ashes from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.  Fixing volcanic ash on the dial requires some creativity in technique. A clear color is applied to the galvanic black dial, after which volcanic ash is sprinkled onto the clear color whilst it is still wet.  The color and ash is then dried and polished.  The polishing process is undertaken with great care to ensure the texture and properties of the ash prevail. Bold white indexes and a 12 and 6 as well as a bright red “goð” are applied to the dial.  The word “goð” is a reference to history of the People of Icelandic and their smooth conversion to Christianity in 1000 AD.  This was in part to the incredible impression ,the eruptions and rumblings of the earth spewing lava and spurting fiery hot molten rock, had on their decision.

Romain Jerome also paid tribute to Eyjafjallajokul, in its DNA collection. 

The Frisland goð Timepiece is an automatic mechanical timepiece powered by a "Execution Top" movement with a 38 hour power reserve.  The watch is equipped with a shock protection Incabloc, which is a trade name for a spring-loaded mounting system for the jewel bearings which support the balance wheel.  This system protects the wheel's pivots from harm if the watch is subjected to sudden sharp movements. The 42mm case is crafted from German grade stainless steel 316L.  The dial is protected by scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal.  Sapphire Crystal covers the case back enabling one to view the intricate workings of the movement. The Rhodium plated hands are covered with luminescent material for time display in dim conditions. The Alligator or Ostrich and Calf Skin strap is closed by a JS Watch co. Reykjavik buckle or optional deployment clasp.

It seems JS Watch Co has taken great strides in ensuring optimum quality, while infusing its collections with a taste of Icelandic Heritage.